About gangakaveri water tank business model
Ganga Kaveri is a household name in India and is one of the leading water storage tank manufacturers in Karnataka. Ganga Kaveri was established in the year 1996, and over the last 25 years we have established ourselves as a top water tank brand, trusted by numerous homes and industries.
Ganga Kaveri is involved in the manufacturing and marketing of two kinds of water storage tanks:
• Blow Moulded Plastic Water Tanks
• Roto Moulded Plastic Water Tanks

Ganga Kaveri aims to deliver the highest quality water storage tanks and by establishing ourselves as an industry leader, we are the preferred choice for almost everyone. Along with water storage tanks, Ganga Kaveri also manufactures products such as Loft Tanks, House Hold Tanks, Plastic Industrial Containers, Chemical Tanks, Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets, Industrial Material Handling products and Underground Sump Tanks.
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Water tank network across karnataka

Largest Network
across Karnataka

Vision :

To become a brand that constantly strives towards achieving quality and customer satisfaction by providing the world’s best water storage tanks.

Mission :

To work relentlessly to achieve our vision statement by offering the best working environment and training to our employees and focusing on integrity and ethics, by providing a healthy working atmosphere. Our mission is to always provide the best quality products at the most affordable prices.

Our Capabilities :

Ganga Kaveri, through years of manufacturing quality products, offering competitive prices and establishing a large network of dealers and water tank distributors, has managed to set up a client-base from every part of the country.
Ganga Kaveri is committed towards manufacturing the best water tanks for homes, to offer safe and pure drinking water. To this end, Ganga Kaveri is constantly innovating new ways that can constantly supply fresh clean water to everyone.
Ganga Kaveri achieves its vision and mission by applying the latest innovative techniques that can guarantee quality products. Namely,

• Machinery involving the latest technologies
• Using the best moulds for ease of working and manufacturing
• Converting the entire production process into a semi-automatic process
• Following the first-piece approval system

Quality Policy :

“Achieving customer satisfaction by providing quality and best water storage tanks with timely delivery and excellent after sales service.”
To achieve this quality policy of the company, enough care is taken to ensure the quality of the raw material purchased is excellent, right machines are selected for processing and quality testing procedures are adopted that can continuously test the finished product, to make sure they conform to the standards established by the company. In keeping with the quality policy, the company periodically analyses the customer satisfaction index and takes necessary measures to improve the quality of the product, delivery and after sales service.

Welcome Note from Directors

Welcome to the Ganga Kaveri Family. We have been a Bangalore-based water tank company since 1996. We value your patronage which is why we work hard to ensure we provide you with the best service possible. We are constantly striving towards achieving the highest quality and in this endeavour we have introduced the Ganga Kaveri Ultra Tanks – it is an antimicrobial tank, which offers three layers of protection. Rest assured with Ganga Kaveri Tanks in your homes, you will get fresh, pure and clean water for years to come. Truly we are a brand that all mothers can trust for purity.
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