How to test water quality

Water is essential for every human being. Having clean and safe water available for human consumption is a basic need for everyone. Millions of people die every year due to water-borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea, typhoid and many more. Improving water quality can enhance living standards across the globe. Water storage tanks not only […]

Ways to recycle water at home

Our planet is 71 per cent water and yet the water available for safe human consumption is less than 1 per cent, which makes recycling water a necessity. With the increasing population, the need for clean water has significantly increased. People have been negligent in the past, but they are caught up with the fact […]

Tips on maintaining your water storage tank

Safe and clean water supply is a prerequisite for every household. Whether you have a small water tank or a large water tank installed at home, regular maintenance and care will not just increase its lifespan but also ensure that the water from it remains pure and safe for you and your family. Every Ganga […]

Tips on Saving Water

We can all agree that we have at some point taken water availability for granted. Most of the people reading this have the privilege of 24×7 running water supply. But we need to remember that water is a finite resource and a large population of the planet is already facing water shortages.Most houses have a […]

Why should you opt for Ganga Kaveri Tanks?

Ganga Kaveri is one of Karnataka’s leading Plastic water tank manufacturers. Established in the year 1996, the brand has won over people’s trust in the past 25 years, by providing the best quality water tanks. They mainly produce two kinds of water storage tanks – Blow moulded plastic water tanks and Roto moulded plastic water […]

Water Safety at Its Best – Ganga Kaveri Tanks

Water is the essential for life. While fresh drinking water can benefit you in different ways like enhancing your skin, regulating body temperature, maintaining blood pressure, adequate kidney functioning, etc., consuming contaminated or impure water could be an invitation for various diseases and health problems like nausea, diarrhea, intestinal problems, etc. Up to 60% of […]

Why you need to start rain water harvesting

Raj, a middle-class climate conscious individual would take various steps to save water. He would collect droplets of water from leaves after a rainy night, offer half a glass of water to guests and some extremes situations as to having a shower only once in a few days. While all these steps can save little […]

What to do when you have hard water at home?

If you live in an urban region, you would most likely experience hard water in your home. Water is considered hard if there is a high concentration of calcium and magnesium. Water hardness can be affected by the soil and water tanks. Most of the water we use on a daily basis is considered hard […]

Important tips to buying a water tank

Water should be preserved by all means since it is one the most precious sources of life. “Together, we are an ocean,” they say.

How to effectively clean your water tank?

You have now found one of the Best plastic water tank for your home. A well-maintained tank could last a long time and also helps keeping sediments, algae and fungi away.

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